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Featured Products

  • This ±20kV amplifier features 3X peak power and 800V/µs slew rate.
  • This ±2kV unit provides high accuracy with virtually zero charge transfer.
  • This CPM has large graphic display and many user-friendly features.
  • This ±10kV amplifier features 3X peak power and 900V/µs slew rate.
  • Versatile software-driven ±3kV supply/amplifier improves E-chuck <br />processes.
  • Unique capability to measure electrostatic voltage distribution.
  • High Voltage amplifier breaks new ground by delivering ±50kV.

On February 1, 2018, an agreement was reached for Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., to acquire all shares of Trek Holding Co. Ltd. (“Trek”), a designer and manufacturer of High Voltage (HV) power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instruments, sensors and monitors. read more

Our Expertise

TREK, INC. areas of expertise include electrostatics and high-voltage power amplification. The company leverages its technologies to design and develop solutions for OEM customers and standard product applications around the world.

Trek manufactures high-voltage amplifiers, piezo drivers and power supplies for demanding applications. The company also makes electrostatic measurement instruments for high performance applications, and offers electrostatic sensors and detectors, electrostatic voltmeters, charged plate monitors, surface resistance/resistivity meters, fieldmeters, ESD audit kits, and ionizers for electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications.

Markets served include electrophotography, ESD, piezoelectronics, semiconductors and a wide variety of R&D applications.

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