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Computer Software for Trek Products

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Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Installing Trek drivers on Windows 7
Instructions on installing Trek USB Drivers in Windows 7 in pdf format.

We recommend creating a new folder for new software application downloads.

Trek Model 157 (Zip File)
Windows version of the Model 157 software (10 MB zip file) with installation capability for Windows 98SE, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS 7 .
Note: Requires firmware revision v1.20 or higher.

Trek Model 156 A/1 v 110.exe
WINDOWS 9x version of the Model 156A/1 software (4.85 MB).

Model 156 A/1 v110.exe NT-Win 2000
Win NT version of the Model 156A/1 software (7.6 MB) with installation capability for WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP, and WINDOWS NT. Note: Requires firmware revision 1.15 or higher; contact your sales rep for firmware updates.

Graph Trek Instrument v122
Model 430/820/PA10041 Software ( 73.9 MB)

Trek Serial Chart Installer v115 (168MB) -
Models 541-1, 541-2, 542A-1, 542A-2; includes continuous data acquisition.

Trek Model 645-646 ESC Supply v111 (154 MB)
Models 645, 646 Application Software Version 1.11

Model 800 Program (Zip File) (18 MB)
Installation capability for WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS 7.

Model 821HH Installer v 1.05 (Zip File) (148 MB)
Installation capability for WINDOWS

Trk 3XX
Model 369/370 Labview Instrument Driver Software
(0.61 MB). (2.2 MB)
Windows 10 and earlier USB drivers for Trek products (except Model 157).

Trek Model 158A GUI (50 MB)
Model 158A application software version

Amplifier Load Calculator
To help you select the appropriate Trek amplifier, download the new version of Trek PC software which uses peak-to-peak voltage to help calculate values associated with driving capacitive loads.

Firmware For Trek Products

Model 821HHv113 (Zip File)
Firmware version v1.13 (26 kB zip file) upgrade for the Model 821HH. Requires Password. Please Email or call Trek Customer Service for password to update the firmware.
Models 645 firmware update to v111. Requires Password. Please Email or call Trek Customer Service for password to update the firmware.

BETA Version Software

NOTE: The LabView Run Time software contained in the file "LVRunTv511.exe" (LV Run Time v511.exe) must be installed on the computer before the 156A1 v113 Beta.exe application software is run.

LV Run Time v511.exe
This software must be installed on the computer before the Trek BETA application software is run. (2.7 MB)

156A1 v113 Beta.exe
This PC based software permits Full Screen viewing of measurement information. WINDOWS 9x, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS NT, and WINDOWS 2000 version of the Model 156A/1 Full Screen software. (3.1 MB)


Serial ports on Trek equipment are used for communicating with PC-based computer commands.

The 156A/1 uses a 25-pin interface where the 541/542A uses a 9-pin interface. Please click on the corresponding model to open a PDF document of the serial port pin designations and their corresponding commands.

Serial ports and serial commands
(PDF Downloads)

Model 156A/1 Serial Commands PDF

Model 541A/542A Serial Commands PDF

Trek will no longer be offering support with Trek software being used on Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT.

The software featured on this page is freeware and subject to change without notice. Trek will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of any use of the software.

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