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TREK MODEL 152-1 Surface/Volume Resistance Meter

The Trek Model 152-1 Surface/Volume Resistance Meter is designed to precisely measure surface or volume resistance on a wide variety of conductive, dissipative, and insulative materials. The Model 152-1 employs a measurement technique which conforms to ANSI/ESD Association standards for measuring surface resistance, resistivity, and volume resistance including STM2.1 for garments, S4.1 for work surfaces, S7.1 for flooring, STM9.1 for footwear, STM11.11 for planar materials, STM11.12 for volume resistance (IEC 61340-2-3), STM12.1 for seating, STM11.13 for two point resistance measurement and STM97.1 for floor materials/footwear. A variety of measuring probe electrode configurations are available and are purchased separately.

The Model 152-1 features exceptional measurement accuracy and wide measurement ranges of 103 to 1013Ω using point-to-point probes or the two-point resistance probe for small surface area measurements. When used with the exclusive 152P-CR-1 concentric ring probe that contains a pre-amplifier, the usual noise, stray pickup and long settling time associated with other concentric ring probe designs is eliminated, thus providing ease of operation even at very high resistance values.

The electrode test voltage for the measurement probe(s) is switch selectable for 10 V or 100 V operation to conform to the individual requirements of the ANSI/ESD Association standards and testing conditions. The selected test voltage is indicated on the LCD display. The light-weight portable unit is operable via batteries or an AC line power source with a battery eliminator.

152-1 Walking Test Adapter

The Walking Test Adapter Kit [CN 1K039 ] for the Model 152-1 Surface/Volume Resistance Meter allows analysis of resistance levels on the human body.

The resistance of a person to ground in an electronic environment can be measured with the Trek Walking Test Adapter. This test provides measurement data of actual resistance on a person in multiple locations. This test ensures ESD safe practices, such as STM 97.1 "Body System to Ground" resistance measurements, are being implemented properly and that proper resistance is being maintained. Contact Factory for more information.

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Measurement Range
103 to 1013 Ω.

Measurement Accuracy (of reading)
At 25 °C ±10 °C and 20% to 70% Relative Humidity:

Point-to-Point Probes [ Model 152AP-5P]
103 to 1012 Ω range, ±5% of LCD reading, 1013 Ω range, ±8% of LCD reading.
Concentric Ring Probe [Model 152P-CR-1] and Two-Point Resistance Probe [Model 152P-2P]
103 to 1011 Ω range, ±5% of LCD reading, 1012 to 1013 Ω range, ±10% of LCD reading.

Probe Electrode Test Voltage
User selectable for 10 V or 100 V, ±2%.

Test Current Limit
Limited to less than 13 mA in the 10 V range and less than 1.7 mA in the 100 V range.


Battery Operation
Two (2) 9 Volt batteries provide 6 hours of power for portable operation.

AC Line Operation
The use of an AC battery eliminator (supplied) allows for AC line operation. The adapter output connector is a female type 2.1 mm DC power plug for 15-18 V DC at 350 mA.


LCD Display
Three digits plus two digit exponent (scientific notation).

Low Battery Indicator
LCD message for low battery.

Test Voltage Range Indicator
Indicates the voltage selected either 10 V or 100 V.

Automatic Shutoff
If the unit is left idle for longer than 10 minutes, the unit automatically turns off.




Accessories Supplied

  • Operator’s Manual, ground cord, and (2) 9 V batteries.

Accessories Available

  • 115 V AC to 15 V DC, AC adapter /eliminator, International AC Adapter kit (90-260 V), and carrying case.
    Walking Test Adapter Kit [CN 1K039 ]
    for the Model 152-1 Surface/Volume Resistance Meter
    (more information)
    Test Plate Set [C/N 17530]
    Consisting of a stainless steel plate and an insulative plate for surface and volume resistance measurements.
  • Probes Purchased separately

Test probes / accessories

Model 152BP-5P Test Probes
2.27 kg. (5 lb.) (set of two probes) Available for performing resistance measurements including ANSI/ESD-STM4.1 standards (point-to-point or resistance to ground measurements).

Model 152P-2P Two Point Resistance Probe
Performs measurements on surface areas too small to be measured with conventional probes.

Model 152P-CR-1 Surface/Volume Concentric Ring Probe
Measures surface and volume resistance of materials as per IEC or ESDA standards. A three (3) position switch on the probe selects either SURFACE resistance or VOLUME resistance measurements with either a GUARDED or UNGUARDED outer electrode. Surface / Volume Resistance Measurements (PDF)

Resistance Probes, 3mm x 25.4mm
Set of two miniature probes [Model 152AP-3mm x 25.4mm Resistance Probes] can be handheld and randomly positioned.

Test Plate Set (consists of two separate plates)
The use of these plates [CN 17530] are described in the ESD STM11.12 and IEC 61340-2-3 standards.

Conductive Plate
(5" x 5"/127 mm x 127 mm) A stainless steel conductive plate (with a mini banana plug

Insulative Plate
(5.4" x 5.4"/ 137 mm x 137 mm) Acts as an insulative surface.

Walking Test Adapter Kit
The Walking Test Adapter allows analysis of resistance levels on the human body [STM 97.1]. Contact factory for more information.



The Model 152-1Surface/Volume Resistance Meter conforms to the following ANSI/ ESD Association Standards for measuring surface resistance and surface resistivity:

STM2.1 Garments.
STM4.1 Work surfaces - resistive characterization.
STM7.1 Flooring materials.
STM9.1 Footwear resistive characteristics.
STM11.11 Surface resistance measurements of
static dissipative planar materials.
STM11.12 Measurements for volume resistance
[IEC 61340-2-3].
STM12.1 Seating - resistive measurements.
STM11.13 Two-point resistance measurement.
STM97.1 Floor materials/footwear - resistance
measurements in combination with active user.

Instrument Dimensions
180 mm H x 100 mm W x 44 mm D
(7" H x 4" W x 1.75" D)

Instrument Weight
Approximately 0.5 kg (1 lb) with batteries.

Environmental Operating Range

15 °C to 35 °C.
Relative Humidity
5% to 80%, noncondensing.



TREK, INC. certifies that each Model 152-1 is tested and calibrated to specifications using measurement equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology or traceable to consensus standards.

All specifications are subject to change.

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