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Trek Model 511
hand-held electrostatic field meter

  • Measurement Range -
    • Low Range :
    • High Range :
  • Measurement Accuracy -
    • Voltage Monitor Output:
    • Voltage Display:

  • 0 to ±2 kV / inch
    0 to ±20 kV / inch

    Better than ±5% of reading, ±10 mV
  • Better than ±5% of reading, ±2 counts

The Model 511 is a high-quality, portable, chopper-stabilized, non-contacting electrostatic field meter designed for measuring and auditing electrostatic fields in ESD sensitive areas so that operators can find them before they become a problem. Features of the Model 511, such as its LED indicator with a switch selectable measurement range of either ±2 kV or ±20 kV, add to instrument flexibility and benefit the operator through its ease of use. Operators also benefit from the ability to obtain or audit reliable and accurate ESD measurements in either ionized or non-ionized environments.

The Model 511 can also be used for testing balance and +/- decay capabilities of ionizers when the optional Ionizer Test Kit (which includes the Model 511, the Model 511-CP Charge Plate and the Model 511-CH Charger) is ordered. Additionally, the Model 511-CP Charge Plate and the Model 511-CH Charger may be ordered separately.

If your application requires highly accurate measurements on relatively small areas in noncontacting or contacting modes please refer to our Electrostatic Voltmeters.

In Trek’s Application Notes section you can access Application Note #3002 which compares and contrasts fieldmeter and voltmeter measurement technologies.

Typical Applications Include
  • Electrostatic decay auditing and monitoring
  • Charge monitoring in semiconductor production
  • Measuring of electrostatic fields on film, polymers, and paper
  • Assessing the charge generation of materials, equipment and personnel
Features and Benefits
  • Available for use as a Field Meter and for testing balance and +/- decay capabilities of ionizers (with the optional Ionizer Test Kit)
  • Distance ranging system utilizes LEDs to indicate a 1-inch spacing between the instrument and the test target
  • Chopper-stabilized probe technology allows for use in ionized environments

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