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Model 901HS high sensitivity ESD Event DETECTOr

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) events are important indicators of excessive charge accumulation in environments where they may be detrimental to manufacturing processes in the semiconductor or LCD industries.

Trek’s Model 901HS is a diagnostic tool used to identify incidents or verify suspected areas of ESD activity. It is suitable for Charge Device Model (CDM) applications.

Electromagnetic waves, generated by electrostatic discharge, transmit differently in different environments. In order to accommodate these differences, the model 901HS includes two antennas - one active and one passive - that can be used for detection purposes. The determination of which antenna to use will typically be based on the environment in which it’s being deployed and the level of detection that is required.

The active antenna may be connected directly to the Model 901HS or with an extension cable that lengthens the antenna to 1.5 meters. It provides high flexibility in positioning the antenna to achieve the best possible reception. The active antenna can detect ESD events as small as 10 V, at a distance of 50 mm. A passive, monopole antenna is also provided. This antenna has a detection capability that identifies ESD events as small as 50 V, at a distance of 90 mm and is generally used when less sensitive detection is required.

When an ESD event is detected, the Model 901HS signals the operator by playing an audible notification tone and by displaying the detected event level visually via its five LED lights. Since measurement results will vary due to the distance from the signal source and whether there are physical obstacles present in the environment, the LED display indicates a relative signal strength rather than an actual signal strength. A stereo connector on the Model 901HS enables connection to an optional external display device to display the measurement results.

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Detection levels:
Five (5) LEDs indicate the relative level of the ESD event
1st Level: Yellow
2nd Level: Yellow
3rd Level: Yellow
4th Level: Red
5th Level: Red

Reset Button
Clears all previous measurements.

External Monitor Connection
Stereo Jack

Buzzer (ON/OFF)
In the ON position, the buzzer will sound upon detection of a ESD event and turn off when the reset button is pushed or after two (2) seconds operating in Auto Reset mode.

Power ON-OFF
A slide switch. in the ON position, the Power LED is illuminated.

Power LED Lamp
A red LED is illuminated when the power is ON.

Auto Reset ON-OFF
A slide switch.
   In the ON Position: Enables the unit to automatically detect the next event      within 2 sec. of being returned to ON after a failure.
   In the OFF Position: A detected event is held until the reset switch is      depressed.


Power Supply
Universal AC-DC adapter connected to an AC power source, or Four (4) size AA, Lithium, 1.5V batteries

Model 901HSA Antenna A (Active)
Connector: sub-miniature SMA adapter
Cable: 1.5m length antenna cable

Model 901HSP Antenna P (Passive)
Monopole type, built in SMA adapter for connection to the Model 901HS

Main unit:
110 mm H x 80 mm W x 45 mm D
[4.3" H x 3.1 " W x 1.8 " D].

500 grams (battery included)
1.1 lbs





All specifications are subject to change.

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