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Trek Model 930 BenchTop Ionizer

The Trek Model 930 Benchtop AC Air Ionizer is effective in solving neutralizing static charges that can cause ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage to sensitive semiconductor and LED devices due to contamination, dust attraction and device handling problems. The powerful high performance of the 930 provides efficient high volume air ionization and together with an exclusive automatic ion balance feature which generates the appropriate positive and negative ions reduces electrostatic charge generated voltages at the work surface to less than ±5 V.

The compact size and the strength of the built-in fan in the Model 930 enable it to perform in a wide variety of settings and adjust to a wide range of air volume input levels. The fast discharging time eliminates electrostatic charges from devices and surfaces in one second or less for distances up to 30cm from the center of the air source. This is compliant with International Standards (IEC 61340) which covers the requirements for the design, implementation and maintenance of an ESD control program.

The 930 utilizes a Titanium electrode, a stainless steel housing, and is equipped with a built-in cleaning brush. The operator can perform periodic cleaning to help maintain the unit's high ionization efficiency by simply turning the center knob on the ncleaning brush to sweep the ionizing elements clear of dust and other contamination. LED lights on the front panel indicate to the operator the status of the ion balance, as well as power on status, fan operation and abnormal voltage or ion levels. The unit is equipped with a washable reusable polyurethane air filter.


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Automatic, High Speed Static Charge Elimination
Generates an equivalent amount of plus or minus ions to completely meliminate electrostatic in less than 1 second at a distance of 30cm or less from the center of the air source.

Built-In Self Correction
Automatic ion balancing produces a work surface voltage of less than ±5V within the appropriate range without intervention by the operator.

Variable Air Input
A single-step air flow adjustment adjusts to a maximum of 4.4 m3 /min (without the filter attached).

Front Panel Indicators
5 LEDs indicate levels of plus and minus ion balance. Additional LEDs indicate power on, operation in progress, system failure and fan failure.

Reusable Air Filter
Washable polyurethane foam, 13PPI.

Dedicated AC/DC Adapter
Input Voltage
95 to 265 V AC, 47 to 63 Hz

Output Voltage
24 VDC ±5%, 1.5 A MIN



Ion Balance
0V to less than ±5 V (Automatic ion balance method)

Discharge Time
1 second max. (At a distance of 300 mm, highest air capacity)

Ozone Generation
Less than 0.02 ppm
* DASHIBI 1003AH ozone monitor (ultravoilet absorption method) is used for the measurement.

Air Volume
Max. 4.4 m3 /min (without filter attached)

Noise Volume (with filter attached)
41 dB-A (lowest air capacity) to 59 dB-A (highest air capacity)

Wind Speed (measured at the central position of the air flow)

Distance Highest
30cm 1.9 0.6
60cm 1.7 0.5
90cm 1.4 0.4
120cm 1.0 0.4



Power Supply Voltage (from adapter)
24 VDC ±10%, 1A maximum

Operating Conditions
Temperature: 0 to 50°C Relative Humidity: 10 to 85% (with no icing or condensation)

Installation Distance

50 mm to 900 mm
(Recommended installation distance: 300 mm work surface to air outlet.)

Power Switch
Switch on Rear Panel.

Emitter Cleaner
Manual type nylon brush is provided

150 mm W x 236 mm H x 94 mm D
(housing only)

Approx.1.9g (stand part included)

The Model 930 PDF contains further information including detailed product dimensions. Click this link to download the file.

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