ESD Audit Kit

Model 511/1501 ESD Audit Kit

Trek’s Model 511/1501 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Audit Kit includes the Model 511 Ionizer Test Kit (Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter, charger, and charge plate) and Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter in a compact carrying case. Most items can be ordered individually.

Applications include electrostatic field measurements, air ionizer verification, testing of floor materials and systems, and resistance measurement (surface, volume, two-point) of work surfaces, static dissipative materials, and seating.

For product specifications refer to Model 511 and Model 1501 below.

ESD Audit Kit Data Sheet

Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter

The Model 511 is a high-quality, portable, chopper-stabilized, non-contacting electrostatic field meter designed for testing and auditing electrostatic fields in ESD sensitive areas.

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Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter

The Model 1501 surface resistance meter is a hand-held, lightweight, auto ranging surface resistance tester. Measured values are displayed on an LCD dot matrix module and can be stored in the internal memory.

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