High-Voltage Function Generators

HV Function Generators

Trek provides High Voltage Function Generators as off-the-shelf models (table to right). Alternatively, you can convert an existing low voltage function generator* to a high voltage function generator by utilizing a high-voltage DC-stable power amplifier from Trek, as shown in the schematic below. By doing so you can obtain precise control of bi-polar output voltages in desired ranges, depending on the specific Trek model of high voltage amplifier that is chosen, which also determines output current capability. The resultant high voltage function generator is capable of generating square, triangle, and sine waveforms in relevant frequency ranges.  To pursue this option go to our amplifier products page or contact us for assistance.

*Trek recommends BK Precision Model 4010A (schematic) which Trek also offers for sale. We would be happy to provide you with technical guidance for your specific application. Please Contact Us for assistance.

High Voltage Function Generator Models

Model Voltage Range Current Range Frequency Range
0 to ±10 kV 0 to ±10 mA DC
100 Hz to 10 kHz
photographic Charge Roller Applications (R&D, Production)

Applications for high-voltage function generators include AC and DC biasing of electrophotographic charger rollers, electrorheological fluid research, dielectric material characterization, and utilization as a general purpose high-voltage function generator.

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