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Trek Model PZD350A
High-Voltage Power Amplifier / Piezo Driver

  • Output Voltage:
  • Output Current:
  • Slew Rate:
  • Large Signal Bandwidth:
  • Gain:
  • 0 to ±350 V DC or peak AC
    0 to ±200 mA
    Greater than 550 V/µs
    DC to greater than 250 kHz (-3dB)
    0 to 150 V/V, adjustable using a front panel potentiometer

           Specifications shown are for bipolar unit, for unipolar operation please refer to data sheet

The Trek Model PZD350A is a high-voltage DC-stable piezo driver/amplifier designed to provide precise control of output voltages in bipolar or unipolar ranges that are customer specified within a range of available settings. It is configured as a noninverting amplifier with a variable DC gain. An inverting amplifier configuration is also available.
The unit features an all-solid-state design, a high slew rate and a four-quadrant active output stage which sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads throughout the output voltage range. This capability is essential for achieving the accurate output responses and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads.

Typical Applications Include
  • Piezoelectric driving/control
  • Laser modulation
  • MEMS
  • Semiconductor research
  • Piezoelectric vibration damping
Features and Benefits
  • Four-quadrant output for driving capacitive loads
  • Closed loop system for high accuracy
  • Short-circuit protected for equipment protection
  • Low output noise for ultra-accurate outputs
  • All solid-state design for maintenance-free operation
  • DC-stable for programmable supply applications
  • Model PZD350A M/S is also available with twice the current capability of the Model PZD350A
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit

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