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Trek Model PZD700A
High-Voltage Power Amplifier / Piezo Driver

  • Output Voltage:
  • Output Current:
  • Slew Rate:
  • Large Signal Bandwidth:
  • Gain:
  • 0 to ±700 V DC or peak AC
    0 to ±100 mA
    Greater than 380 V/µs
    DC to greater than 125 kHz (-3dB)
    0 to 300 V/V, adjustable using a front panel potentiometer

           Specifications shown are for bipolar unit, for unipolar operation please refer to data sheet

The Trek Model PZD700A is a high-voltage DC-stable piezo driver/amplifier designed to provide precise control of output voltages in bipolar or unipolar ranges which are customer specified within a range of available settings. The instrument achieves the accurate output responses and high slew rates demanded by reactive loads by utilizing a four-quadrant active output stage that sinks or sources current into reactive or resistive loads.
The Model PZD700A is configured as a non-inverting amplifier. An inverting configuration is available. Both configurations are available as either single or dual channel instruments. They are bench top operable or 19-in rack mountable.

Typical Applications Include
  • Piezoelectric driving/control
  • Laser modulation
  • MEMS
  • Semiconductor research
  • Piezoelectric vibration damping
Features and Benefits
  • Four-quadrant output for driving capacitive loads
  • Closed loop system for high accuracy
  • Short-circuit protected for equipment protection
  • Low output noise for ultra-accurate outputs
  • All solid-state design for maintenance-free operation
  • DC-stable for programmable supply applications
  • Model PZD700A M/S is also available with twice the current capability of the Model PZD700A
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit

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