Probes, Charged Plates and Accessories

PROBES for Electrostatic Voltmeters

Standard probe cable length is 3 meters but other lengths are available. To Probe Page...

Standard Resolution Probes
Available with side/end view options and round/square body options.

High Resolution Probes
Available with side/end view options and round/square body options.

Miniature Probes
Available with side/end view options.

Transparent Probes
These special probes are designed for applications such as photosensitive voltage measurement.

Elevated Temperature Probes (up to 60° C)
Available with side/end view options.

High Temperature Probes (up to 100° C)
Available with side/end view options.

High Vacuum Probes
Available with side/end view options.

See our FAQ for probe fixture information.

Walking Test Adapter Kit for Electrostatic Voltmeters

The walking test adapter kit [CN 1K037] for the Model 541A series allow analysis of charge levels accumulated on the human body per compliance with ANSI/ESD STM 97.2. and IEC Standard 61340-4-5.
Model 541A Electrostatic Voltmeter

The walking test adapter kit [CN 1K040] for the model 542A allows analysis of charge levels on the human body in support of EN 1815, Assessment of Static Electrical Propensity on Resilient and Textile Floor Coverings.
Model 542A Electrostatic Voltmeter

ACCESSORIES for Amplifiers

High Voltage Cables
For its high voltage amplifiers, Trek offers double-insulated high-voltage output cables in standard length (3 meter) as well as other lengths (5 meter, 10 meter, and 20 meter) for additional versatility

Rack Mount Adapters
Trek offers a variety of rack adapters for its amplifiers and voltmeters.

Carrying Cases
Please contact Trek if you are interested in obtaining a carrying case for your portable Trek unit. Our standard case is provided with the appropriate internal cushioning to address most situations (to accommodate probes, collecting plates and other accessories as needed).

AC Adapters
Trek offers AC adapters for its models that require an AC adapter. The adapters can also be used to charge the internal rechargeable battery of units containing such batteries.

PROBES for Surface/Volume Resistance Meters

Five probe styles are available with the Model 152-1 Surface Resistance Meter:

  • 152P-2P - Two Point Resistance Probe
  • 152P-CR-1 - Concentric Ring Probe
  • 152AP - 3mm x 25.4 mm Probe
  • 152BP-5P - Five Pound Probes
  • Walking Test Adapter Kit - allows analysis of resistance levels on the human body [STM 97.1].
ION COLLECTING PLATES for Charged Plate Monitors

Standard models are available in 150 mm x 150 mm (6" x 6" square) and 25 mm x 25 mm (1" x 1" square). In addition, we manufacture custom plate sizes with custom capacitances.

High Temperature Charged Plates
Trek now offers high temperature ion collecting plates (charged plates) for applications requiring up to 160 C operation. Please contact Trek for more information about this "HT" series.

De-Ionized Water Probes
Trek's Model PM08035 probes can be used for electrostatic measurement of de-ionized water. The probe can be used during critical wafer sawing processes to monitor for charge accumulation. This probe can be used with other applications or processes involving de-ionized water. Two probe models are available for user defined or application specific purposes. The Model PM08035A probe has a 0.25 inch sensor. The Model PM08035B probe has an independent wire sensor. (Please contact Trek for additional information.)

Charged Plate Monitor Page

ACCESSORIES for Charged Plate Monitors

Ion Collecting Plate Tripod
This portable tripod can be quickly configured to angle the ion collecting plate between 0 and 90 degrees (horizontal vs. vertical position).

Bar Code Wand
For Trek Model 157 Charged-Plate Monitor. A bar code wand is available for applications that need to measure and record data for bar-code-identified equipment.

A thermohygrometer is available for use with Trek Model 157 Charged-Plate Monitor, for applications where humidity/temperature measurement is important for data collection purposes.

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